We always have lots going on at our build sites! Take a look at the sites you can help out at. We hope you will join us!

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603 and 611 Middletown Avenue

Homeowner 603: Alvan Bailey
Homeowners 611: Raissa Loue and Moustapha Bayor

Work began on these Habitat homes in May 2021. Here are the two foundations- there is lots to do!

Lots of individual and group volunteers have been helping to frame these Habitat homes! This photo was taken on August 5.

70 Woolsey Street, New Haven

Future homeowners: John and Stephanie Briones

Sponsor: Raise the Roof

The exterior walls for this home were built by volunteers in our warehouse in December 2020. They were raised quickly and this photo shows the home on January 13.

Construction continues! In this photo from January 23 you can see the roof has been added and work on the front porch has begun.

Time flies!  Here  is  a look  at  the  home  at  the  end  of  April.

The home is completed!  The Briones family closed on their home on July 6.

136 Rosette Street, New Haven

Homeowners: Farouz Assiobo and Mohammed Hudu
Sponsor: Sleeping Giant Build

We will be ready to begin work on this home in just a few weeks! This photo shows the lot and the new foundation (with a dusting of snow) on January 29.

We are ready for siding on the outside of the home and almost ready for insulation inside. This photo was taken on April 26.

Lots of work is now taking place inside of the home! This photo was taken on May 27, 2021.

This home has been completed! The Assiobo-Hudu family closed on their home on July 29.