Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven’s Homebuying Program



Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed 

Notifications will be by letter only and mailed to the address on your application. Staff cannot release results in person or on the phone. Notifications take place with mail correspondence only. Applicants are responsible for keeping their addresses updated with the office.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven offers a Homebuying Program to prepare individuals and families to purchase homes from our organization and through other avenues.

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Applicants are selected into the homebuying program based on three factors:

  1. A need for housing. Spending in excess of 35% of income on rent, living in an unsafe, unmaintained, or overcrowded space, living in temporary housing, or receiving government assistance for housing all qualify as a need for housing. Other factors may be considered as each applicant has a unique living situation.
  2. Willingness to partner. Participating in the Homebuying Program involves completing in-person and online educational classes, completing sweat equity hours on a Habitat build site, and working with Habitat staff members and volunteers. Open communication and working with others are necessary in this program.
  3. Ability to pay an affordable mortgage and other housing expenses. During the application period and throughout the Homebuying Program we will examine financial information like income, credit and financial history, and monthly debt.The income needed to enter the program is based on the number of people in your household. Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven uses the Area Median Income for the New Haven-Meriden Metro Area as determined by HUD. Please review the chart below to determine if your income meets the requirements for the program. The chart shows a household size of up to eight people but you may apply with a household of any size.
1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People
Minimum Income$50,000$50,000$50,000$50,000$56,425$60,604$64,784$68,963
Maximum Income$65,050$74,350$83,650$92,900$100,350$107,800$115,200$122,650

The calculator below can help you to convert your wages to an annual income. Remember to use your gross income, what you make before taxes are taken out, to complete the calculation.

How the Homebuying Program Works

Buying a home through Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven or through another program or financial institution is an important personal and financial decision. We want you to be prepared for the commitment of homeownership and have therefore extended our program to offer more classes to more people in the community than we ever have before. Not every person who is accepted into the Homebuying Program will become a homeowner through Habitat for Humanity but everyone who participates will benefit in gaining the knowledge needed to become successful homeowners.

Step 1: Review our orientation and complete the application for the Homebuying Program. The application and required documents listed on the cover page are all required to be submitted by the deadline date and time. No exceptions will be made for missed deadlines.

Step 2: All applicants will be mailed a letter with results. This letter will inform you if you have been accepted into the Homebuying Program. Staff cannot release results in person or on the phone. Notifications take place with mail correspondence only. Applicants are responsible for keeping their addresses updated with the office.

Step 3: The Director of Family Services and Volunteer Engagement will work with you to schedule your homebuyer education classes and sweat equity hours. Some of the homebuyer education classes will be available online and may be accessed and completed at any time, other classes will be held in person. There is no deadline for the Homebuyer Program requirements to be completed but you may not enter the home selection process until all required classes and sweat equity hours have been finished.

Step 4: As Habitat properties become available, individuals and families who are qualified for each home will be notified. Qualification for each home will depend on the size of the household and the income of the applicant(s). Habitat for Humanity will review your financial information again and ask if you would like to be entered into the home selection process for a specific property or properties.

Step 5: Qualified and interested applicants will be placed into the home selection process. An applicant will be randomly drawn and assigned the property. All individuals and families entered into the home selection process will be notified following the completion of the process.

Owning and Building a Habitat Home

If selected to purchase a home through Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven we will work with you from the kick off ceremony to the closing of the home. Each homebuyer will need to complete the sweat equity requirements and remain partners with the organization throughout the process. There will be additional homebuyer education classes that will also need to be completed prior to closing on the home. These classes will prepare you for success in owning you Habitat home.

Have more questions about the Homebuying Program? Please review our FAQs to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Other Homebuying Resources

There are many resources available for individuals who are ready to purchase a home and for those individuals who would like to work on their finances before becoming a homeowner. The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority maintains a list of HUD Approved Counselors who can help you with debt management, creating a budget, and working toward your financial goals. That list is updated regularly and can be accessed here.

Other organizations and programs are available to first-time homebuyers and you are welcome to explore all of the available options. Habitat for Humanity is not the only avenue for homeownership and we want potential homebuyers to have access to multiple resources. Please contact the agencies below directly to find out about their offerings.

Habitat reserves the right to waive or alter any of the foregoing criteria based upon the unique situation of the applicant.


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